Probulin® EDU

How It Works

Welcome to the Probulin EDU Retail Education Portal!

Thank you for joining the Probulin EDU Portal! Here you will find an opportunity to learn and earn fun awards and prizes. Probulin shares your passion for quality health and wellness products.

Being able to share how product ingredients work, why someone might need a probiotic or enzyme, or how a probiotic skin therapy cream can help one’s skin is valuable information for the consumer. The Probulin EDU portal will help you explain our products with confidence and ease!

Courses and Lessons. How to Access and Complete Them

When you select courses, you will see categories for Why Probulin?, Digestive Probiotics, and Probiotic Skin Therapy. We will add more courses in the future.

Courses contain a number of lessons. Don’t worry. Each lesson is a fun-to-watch, short video with good information reinforced by graphics on screen. After each lesson is a short multiple-choice quiz with a handful of questions. These question help you retain the key points for each lesson.

Answer all question correctly and you complete the lesson! If you happen to miss a question, no problem. You can always retake the quiz. Once you get 100%, you have completed the lesson.

Once you complete each lesson within a course, you have completed that course! Congratulations, you earned an award! You are entitled to any product within that Course for free!

Once all courses are complete, in addition to earning an award for each completed course, you are entered into a quarterly drawing for even more prizes. Prizes include shopping sprees, giveaways and other perks.

Earning and Redeeming Awards

An award is earned each time a course is complete. You are notified via an email with a unique code for you to redeem on the website. For example, once you complete the Course “Digestive Probiotics”, you will receive an email with a code to redeem a free digestive probiotic product on the website. That can be up to a $69 value!

Once you have completed all courses, you will receive an email notifying you that you are entered into quarterly drawings for fun prizes. You don’t have to do anything…just be ready to win!

You can see whether you have an unclaimed reward on your dashboard under “Awards”. If you see a number, hover over your account and click on “My Rewards” to see your bounty!

New Lessons and Courses In the Future

As Probulin grows, we will be loading more lessons and courses. It may be possible for you to have completed a course in the past that may now have additional lessons that require completion. You will be notified when new lessons/courses are loaded and invited to complete them. With new lessons and courses comes the opportunity to earn more awards and prizes! Always check your email from Probulin for updates to your Probulin EDU account.

Thank You

We appreciate your commitment to learning about our products and to helping others make informed decisions about their health. Thank you!